Three Ways to get new Clients for your Marketing Agency

When venturing into a new field, particularly in business, you need all the mentorship and experience you can get lest you get burnt. Beyond just stepping past the landmines, mentorship would also help you to move faster towards success. When I first started my advertising agency I faced many challenges which ordinarily would have been avoided if I had a mentor. Such challenges as not understanding where to devote my time, where to concentrate my energy etc. I relied heavily on trial and error. It was while trying many techniques that I stumbled upon LinkedIn Lead Generation as an effective way of getting new clients and building a large client base. I have since devoted my time to as much as possible, walk new entrepreneurs and startups on how to make the best out of their businesses and avoid the challenges I faced.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Generation
    To make the most use of LinkedIn as an effective means of generating and building your clientele, there are two major steps you must take. The first is to optimize your LinkedIn profile and the second is to find your target market on LinkedIn using either the sales navigator or free search. 
    However, while LinkedIn marketing is a great way to make clients, you have to master how to do this as it is quite different from the other client hunting strategies you know and might have deployed previously. On LinkedIn, you are actually reaching out to a cold market and must therefore, seek for ways to warm them up. And how do you warm them up – through content.

    Before even delivering your hook in the form of content, you need to find your target market. You cannot have a marketing package of $3,000+ which package is meant for businesses employing a certain number of employees and then you are connecting with sole proprietors. The chances are high that they would not be able to afford your services and even if they can, they would not be needing it as they do not have the large number of employee range necessary to utilize your package. So why bother wasting your time connecting with them? Advertising on LinkedIn has to be well targeted and consciously deployed.

    Now that you have discovered your target market and even connected with them, you need to warm up to them. You can warm them up by offering value before asking for an appointment, meeting or inviting them for a networking event.

  2. Networking 
    Networking events are an effective way to build your business relationships but you have to make sure to select the right industry events to attend. This it to ensure that the outcome is what you desire as well as to make the best out of the event. For example, if you are a facebook advertising agency and you specialize in restaurants, it is a better idea to attend events that discusses restaurants. It doesn’t matter that the topics are as simple as how restaurants can use quickbooks etc. Also look for industry associations to join as it would help you leverage on the membership. As on LinkedIn, another tip to networking events is to never sell immediately you meet someone. You need to make sure that you have built a rapport with them first, this is very important.

  3. Webinar 
    Yet another way of building your client base and getting people to notice what you do is by hosting Webinars. If you are on a tight budget as I was when I began my business, the best and most cost efficient way is to put together a small webinar using Zoom. Everything should be less than $200 a month excluding marketing budget. In order to market this event you can use LinkedIn direct DM, Influencers, Facebook Advertising and of course word of mouth. All you have to do is get 10 people to attend the webinar and you should be able to close at least 1-3 depending on how you present your offer and your services.

By Madison Renteria

Madison Renteria