One of the most efficient ways of getting B2B Clients - Presentations!

At the core of the business world is dynamism and an ability to adapt your operations to the demands of changing times. Most times, the business defining moments come from the seemingly bad times for then we have the opportunity to learn a lot from improvising. I discovered this myself and in very unlikely circumstances.

I remember one time before starting my marketing agency, I had one event planned to promote my previous business. Having booked the venue and towards the date of the event, it became clear to me that the event had already flopped. Not only were there no signs that guests would attend, it was also clear that my plans had already disintegrated even before it started. I was torn between coming up with ways to utilize the venue or lose the sum of $1000 non-refundable fees already paid for venue.

To salvage the situation, I decided to contact some of my friends who had large email lists and got them to mail me their list and promote my events in return for a small fee. At the end of the day, I was able to get 10 business owners booking to attend. I remember closing a deal with 2 out of the 10 three days after, notwithstanding that there were no prospects when we started.

It was a life changing experience and I learnt valuable lessons from that. Now, instead of putting my own events together, I look for various small organizations where I can give free presentations which presentations always, almost turns to cash.

From the position of despair which I found myself then, I learnt valuable lessons on more efficient ways of achieving financial success without spending so much money. Before that incident, I always made the mistake of putting together events myself, which events usually cost me huge sums of money - nearly $10,000 for one - all in the hope of getting new clients. Now what I do, and I think you should too, is to speak at local events for free. It not only takes away the need for huge expenses, it also delivers the much needed clients. Talk about benefits on all fronts!

By Madison Renteria

Madison Renteria