In advertising, the rule is not to put all your eggs in one basket

Have you noticed how most people choose one advertising Platform and stick with it for all their advertising needs? They do not venture into new grounds and are not prepared to try out other new platforms. Asides the fact that you ought to spread your advertising platform options to reach a wide and diverse audience, the emergence of newer and growing platforms have also seen a shifting of attention, a growing audience and improved effect. So my advice would be that you leverage on other platforms to put out your message and in this regards, LinkedIn as an option immediately comes to mind.

LinkedIn is such a good platform to advertise on with such low competition that you are sure to make your advertising dollars count. No matter the form of advertising option you choose on LinkedIn; from sponsored content, to text ads, all are great ways to put your message out there for your targeted audience and are sure to attract their attention. It is all about the message and getting it across.

With this said, you had wonder why most people do not advertise using the LinkedIn platform and why they choose to stick to their traditional and conservative thoughts when it comes to advertising. The reason is pretty straightforward and I am going to explain a number of them here.

  1. There isn’t a lot of courses out there to learn how to advertise on the platform. We live in a world where people depend on others for a whole lot of things including to make a business move. I have met so many business owners who have started a businesses and rely solely on Facebook Advertising simply because they have bought a Facebook Advertising course & and that is all they know how to do. Once I tell them about advertising on other platforms such as Snapchat, LinkedIn & Youtube most of them freak out. Advertising on LinkedIn has a lot of opportunity, you could make your own findings and ask questions on how this works, do not wait until someone invents a course to be able to take advantage of the opportunities these platform portends.

  2. They fear change. With Facebook Advertising being so popular throughout all these years, most people no doubt are now so used to it. The truth however is that with the emergence of new platforms and their rising popularity, things will change & they will change very fast. If you are not used to change and are not flexible enough to venture into other platforms, you would have succeeded in leaving so much money and untapped audience on the table. I suggest you get on the bandwagon now by following experts and watching out relevant spaces such as ours to learn just how you could make this work.

by Madison Renteria

Madison Renteria